Rede von Hourvash Pourkian in Farsi am 23. Juli 2022, gegen das iranische Mullah Regime!!

Die Rede in Farsi von Hourvash Pourkian auf dem Rathausmarkt war im Rahmen eines Protestes gegen das iranische Mullah Regime, veranstaltet von Irano pas migirim. Sie berichtet über die Lage der Frauen und Kinder im Iran und bittet um die Unterstützung des Sohnes Reza Pahlavi des gestürzten Königs von Persien. 


Hourvash Pourkian's speech in Farsi was part of a protest against the Iranian mullahs' regime, organized by Irano pas migirim. She reports on the situation of women and children in Iran and asks for the support of the son Reza Pahlavi of the fallen king of Persia.

announcement Csd parade 2021 hamburg - 07. august

At the Hamburg CSD Parade 2021, we from the initiative International Women in Power and Junges Forum Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft (Jufodig-Hamburg) will again set a sign on Saturday, 07 August: against the execution, discrimination and criminalisation of homosexuals in Iran and worldwide.

Meeting point 11am, Neuer Jungfernstieg - Jungfernstieg Ballingdamm.

We will accompany the parade with a performance. We want to inform all participants and spectators that people in Islamic countries have to fear for their lives just because they are homosexual or transsexual - in Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Yemen, Qatar, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and the United Arab Emirates. The performance is about beauty queens representing these countries.
The road to legal, political and social equality is still long - and persecuted people around the world need our support and solidarity along the way.


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Hourvash Pourkian