Press mirror Demonstration Against all anti-semitism and the Al-Quds-day

Hamburg Journal reports about the demonstration

Deutsche Welle with a live broadcast from the demonstration, video in Farsi only.

Iran International TV with a live broadcast.


Die Welt from May 6th, 2021


“Green cuddling with Islamists” by Denis Fengler

In response to the press release of the "Hamburg Forum for Intercultural Coexistence" - (HAFIZ)

“In another political corner, however, the protests against the IZH are mildly ridiculed. “A curiosity awaits Hamburg next Friday,” says a press release from the Hamburg Forum for Intercultural Coexistence, or Hafiz for short. The planned demo is one without cause, it is said. The question is asked: Why again in front of the Blue Mosque? "



Hamburger Abendblatt from May 7th, 2021


"Demonstration in front of the Blue Mosque causes trouble" Hamburger Abendblatt (ike)

In response to the press release of the “Hamburg Forum for Intercultural Coexistence” (HAFIZ) and the Welt Artikel.

"Some Hamburgers want to protest under the motto" against all anti-Semitism and against Al-Quds Day. "



Iran Journal from May 7th, 2021

(the text was also published on Iran Transition Council )


"Rally against Al-Quds Day"

“The initiators of the counter-demonstration in Hamburg asked the Senate of the Hanseatic city to close the Blue Mosque and the Islamic Center Hamburg (IZH). This is the most important European propaganda center of the Iranian regime, it said in the press release. "



Mena-Watch the independent Middle East think tank from May 10th, 2021

(first published on


"Hamburg: Protest against the masterminds of the Al-Quds March" by Jan Vahlenkamp

“The Imam Ali Mosque is also unofficially known as the“ Blue Mosque ”, and it is run by the“ Islamic Center Hamburg ”(IZH). Even if the criticism of the IZH has increased in recent years, a large part of the population in the Hanseatic city has not yet taken notice of this criticism. "



Raawi Jewish magazine from May 7th, 2021


"Against all anti-Semitism - Anti Al-Quds demonstration in Hamburg" by Raawi the Jewish magazine

"The controversial Al-Quds Day is an anti-Semitic march that takes place after Ramadan and calls for the destruction of Israel."


 JUNGLE.WORLD from May 6th, 2021

"Relief, but no all-clear" by Alex Feuerheld
"The march of Israel haters on "al-Quds Day" in Berlin has been cancelled again. Several parties and alliances had previously called for a ban and called for protests."

                                                                                                 February, 2019

"USA beh Farsi" reports:


Within the context of the Munich Security Conference, February 2019, our IWP chairwoman Hourvash Pourkian was invited to the roundtable joined by Brian Hook, former US Special Representative for Iran .


Wednesday October 21, 2020


"Gladiator: The red-green senate must finally come to its senses and immediately end the cooperation with the IZH"


"Dennis Gladiator, domestic policy spokesman for the CDU parliamentary group, explains:" The cooperation with the IZH must be ended immediately and the state treaty with the SCHURA suspended immediately "

Wednesday October 21, 2020

"Dispute over Iranian mosque. Greens have trouble with mullahs"


The Taz reports on the internal party conflict of the Hamburg Greens, by Gernot Knödler


The Hamburg Parliamentary Member Dr. Gudrun Schittek, who spoke at our demo on the Open Mosque Day, is interviewed. Miss Dr. Schittek confirms her statements from the demo against the IZH. In return, Jennifer Jasberg, the parliamentary leader of the Hamburg Greens, distanced herself from Schittek's statements.

Monday October 12, 2020

"Connection to the regime in Tehran? Hamburg should ban Islamic center"


The Hamburger Morgenpost reports on the study by the Amreican Jewish Comitee (AJC). The AJC encourages the Hamburg Senate to close the IZH.

Study by the American Jewish Comitee


"Anti-Semitic, Anti-Democratic, Islamist - The" Islamic Center Hamburg "and Shiite Networks in Germany" by Prof. Dr. Susanne Schröter.

Sunday October 11, 2020

Studio Friedmann


In response to Ibrahim Naber's article, Michel Friedmann discussed the Islamic Center Hamburg with Konstantin von Notz (Member of the Bundestag Büdnis 90 / Die Grünen).

Sunday October 04, 2020


Central Council of Ex-Muslims


A report on the rally against the Islamic Center Hamburg on October 3rd, 2020. Some insights, videos, photos and original sounds from the speeches.

Sunday October 04, 2020



The Jerusalem Post


"150 People protest for closure of Khamenei-controlled center in Germany."


The Jerusalem Post reports on the demonstration against the IZH on Saturday, October 3, 2020.

Article by Benjamin Weinthal.

You can find a German translation here., the independent Middle East think tank. Translation by Alexander Gruber.

Saturday October 03, 2020


NDR Nachrichten on Saturday, October 3rd. An impression of the demonstration against the IZH.


"150 people demonstrate in front of the Blue Mosque"


Saturday October 03, 2020


An article by Astrid Manthey on the occasion of the demonstration against the IZH on Saturday 03rd October 2020.


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Saturday October 03, 2020


A blog post by Susanne Baumstark on the occasion of the demonstration against the IZH on Saturday 03 October 2020.


"Enemies are the fundamentalists" 


Tuesday September 29, 2020

"Rally against the Islamic Center Hamburg"

The Central Council of Ex-Muslims is promoting our demonstration against the IZH on Saturday, October 03, 2020.

Sunday  September 20, 2020


"SPD holds on to controversial Iran mosque"


Ibrahim Naber ( Freelancer World Investigation and Reportage) reports on the IZH.

Video from the event INITIATIVE AT THE BASIS & IWP: Totalitarian Structures Iran, Islam. Speaker Hourvash Pourkian IWP, produced by Rebecca Sommer © Sommerfilms, February 2020 .



Saturday February 03, 2020

Hamburg Journal


200,000 people at the CSD in Hamburg!



The Hamburg-Journal reports from CSD Hamburg and makes explicit reference to our call for more rights and protection of homosexuals in Iran.

Saturday  August 03, 2019

Migrant Women March: No culture with violence


Susanne Baumstark reports on the Migrant Women March 2019 in Hamburg.

Monday March 11, 2019

Hamburger Abendblatt


Migrants want to demonstrate under the motto "equal, self-determined, free"

Wednesday March 06, 2019

Hamburger Morgenpost


Hamburg-based Iranian reports:

"With a red dress in the park? The guards of virtue came immediately."

Wednesday March 06, 2019

taz on the weekend


International Women's Day theme

"Religion is something private"

Hourvash Pourkian initiates a protest march on Women's Day. She talks about the dispute when a number of groups distanced themselves from their demo in 2017 - and about new demands.

Weekend March 2-3, 2019

Friday March01, 2019



Migrant women: "Rejection of violence"


A very detailed article by Susanne Baumstark about the press conference on the Migrant Women March 2019 on March 1st, 2019.



EMMA (The Political Magazine for People) is associated with the term emancipation and has been a model of feminism since its first issue.


Both articles about the march and about the organizer, Ms. Hourvash Pourkian, illustrate that, despite the boycott, on the one hand it was a successful and happy protest march . On the other hand, Ms. Pourkian continued to show a lot of courage and indicated freedom of expression with regard to the controversial topic of "wearing the headscarf".

Wednesday June 28, 2017

Die Welt


Some organizations have distanced themselves from the event with the statement, but the action was a successful march as a sign of more solidarity and against misogyny. The Kulturbrücke Hamburg eV was strengthened by this march, so that it will continue to campaign for it.

Sunday May 14, 2017

Monday May 08, Friday May 12, 2017

The Hamburger Abendblatt



The first article about the "Women and Migrants March" appeared in the Hamburger Abendblatt.




In addition, another article, including about the speech by Dr. Necla Kelek, although she spontaneously gave her speech at the event.



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