Women's March 10.12.2022

Impressions of the Solidarity March in the Schanze, Hamburg

In Hamburg, citizens rally around their solidarity with the women and people from Iran!
The video shows impressions of the demonstration.

Solidarity with Iran protests in Berlin on 22.10.2022

NOROUZ greetings to the iranian new year festival 2022

 Beginning of spring and at the same time the Iranian and Afghan New Year. Here my message to my friends in German.

On Sunday the, 20. March 2022 at 16:33 o'clock was the Iranian New Year celebration, at the same time the spring beginning. Happy Norouzfest to all my Iranian, Afghan, Tajik, Kurdish and Turkish friends.

Actually to all 300,000,000 people who celebrate this festival.

I wish us all peace and freedom for our countries and people.

Women's March 13.05.2017