Press mirror Demonstration Against all anti-semitism and the Al-Quds-day

Hamburg Journal reports about the demonstration.



Deutsche Welle with a live broadcast from the demonstration, video in Farsi only.

Iran International TV with a live broadcast.

“Green cuddling with Islamists” by Denis Fengler

In response to the press release of the "Hamburg Forum for Intercultural Coexistence" - (HAFIZ)

“In another political corner, however, the protests against the IZH are mildly ridiculed. “A curiosity awaits Hamburg next Friday,” says a press release from the Hamburg Forum for Intercultural Coexistence, or Hafiz for short. The planned demo is one without cause, it is said. The question is asked: Why again in front of the Blue Mosque? "



Hamburger Abendblatt from May 7th, 2021


"Demonstration in front of the Blue Mosque causes trouble" Hamburger Abendblatt (ike)

In response to the press release of the “Hamburg Forum for Intercultural Coexistence” (HAFIZ) and the Welt Artikel.

"Some Hamburgers want to protest under the motto" against all anti-Semitism and against Al-Quds Day. "



Iran Journal from May 7th, 2021

(the text was also published on Iran Transition Council )


"Rally against Al-Quds Day"

“The initiators of the counter-demonstration in Hamburg asked the Senate of the Hanseatic city to close the Blue Mosque and the Islamic Center Hamburg (IZH). This is the most important European propaganda center of the Iranian regime, it said in the press release. "



Mena-Watch the independent Middle East think tank from May 10th, 2021

(first published on


"Hamburg: Protest against the masterminds of the Al-Quds March" by Jan Vahlenkamp

“The Imam Ali Mosque is also unofficially known as the“ Blue Mosque ”, and it is run by the“ Islamic Center Hamburg ”(IZH). Even if the criticism of the IZH has increased in recent years, a large part of the population in the Hanseatic city has not yet taken notice of this criticism. "



Raawi Jewish magazine from May 7th, 2021


"Against all anti-Semitism - Anti Al-Quds demonstration in Hamburg" by Raawi the Jewish magazine

"The controversial Al-Quds Day is an anti-Semitic march that takes place after Ramadan and calls for the destruction of Israel."


 JUNGLE.WORLD from May 6th, 2021

"Relief, but no all-clear" by Alex Feuerheld
"The march of Israel haters on "al-Quds Day" in Berlin has been cancelled again. Several parties and alliances had previously called for a ban and called for protests."