What is the idea behind the women's and migrant's March?


It is the desire for equality that unites women, refugees and migrants and for which we stand together.


In times of rising right-wing populism, xenophobia and mysogyny we want to set an example. Our aim is to unite people, no matter what culture or nationality they belong to. We want to mobilize people to build bridges and to walk in unity. As different as we all may be, we want to demonstrate solidarity and acceptance. 


We want to encourage each individual not only to know the democratic values but to also live them concsiously and to implement them into everyday life.


Statement regarding the headscarf discussion

The Kulturbrücke e.V. distances itself from the discussion about the headscarf.


The article in the Hamburger Abendblatt presented the headscarf discussion as the main concern of the demonstration. Ms Pourkian spoke about her personal views as an individual which does not necessarily reflect those of the clubs and fellow exhibitors. The issue of the headscarf is not relevant to the march and will not be discussed there.



 Only the circumstances of the pressureand coercion under which some women put on the headscarf to be left alone or to be forced to do so were criticized. Wearing the headscarf as a voluntary sign of religious and cultural affiliation is the right and freedom of every adult woman.


Every woman, whether with a headscarf or not, and every man are cordially invited to stand with us for peace, freedom and democracy next Saturday.


The main concern of the Hamburg women's and migrants' march is and remains building bridges, exchanging ideas and celebrating cultural similarities.


Who is behind the action?


We are the Kulturbrücke Hamburg e.V., a non-profit association that has been involved in various projects for the intercultural exchange between children, young people and adults of different nationalities for more than ten years. We are best known for the "Switch Kids project – your trip around the world”. In this project children have the opportunity to explore the diversity of cultures in Hamburg.


The Kulturbrücke has also been campaigning for women's solidarity and women's rights since then. With this in mind on March 8th 2011 on the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day Ms Pourkian founded the "International Women in Power" (IWP) initiative which campaigns for gender equality and women's right to self-determination, among other issues, and which promotes the vision of a non-violent and a democratic society.



Out of the idea to combine both of these concerns the women's and migrant's march was born. Together, we want to demonstrate against xenophobia and stand in solidarity with the fight for women's rights in the world.


Strong women should set an example and empower other women.

What do we want to achieve?

 In these times of upheaval in Germany it is especially important to draw attention to the positive changes and to prevent right-wing populist propaganda and religious fanaticism from gaining ground in our society. it is our goal to not only write our goals and demands on our banners but to also actively live them by integrating them into our daily lives. everyone can stand up for freedom, diversity and human dignity.


All of us who where born and raised in Germany have an integrated sense of the culture and democratic values that shape our society. it is our responsibility to grant all people who are new to Germany an insights into our culture and democracy and to ease their integration process.


For questions please contact us under info@kulturbrueckehamburg.de



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Hourvash Pourkian vor einem Banner mit dem Text: "Frauen stärken Frauen".