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The International Women in Power (IWP) initiative founded on March 8th, 2011,  marking the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, stands for universal women's and girls' rights, equality and equal professional opportunities for women and men.

Our goal is for women not only to campaign for equal opportunities in Germany, but also for their countries of origin and all other countries in which equality, the rights of women, girls and children, as well as human rights are not observed.

The initiative was launched by Hourvash Pourkian, chairwoman of the Kulturbrücke Hamburg e. V. (Bridge of Culture Hamburg (Non-Profit Organisation)) and her team.

Foundation of the International Women in Power initiative on the 8th of March 2011

Hourvash Pourkian at the first Hamburg Women's and Migrant March 2017


IWP raises awareness for women´s rights violations with special focus on Iran but also worldwide,  moreover, we are active within the opposition against the Iranian regime.


Our initiative is campaigning for an end of violence against women in the name of Islam and its traditions, regarding that IWP demands women´s rights instead of women Sharia laws


IWP supports the petition „Den Kopf frei haben“ of TERRE DES FEMMES, which translates to "Having your head free". Together we make an effort to have legal ban of children wearing headscarfs.


We fight for equality of all human beings, independent of their sexuality, religion or skin color.


Moreover IWP supports the separation of state and religion and also urges crucial actors to ban sharia laws, stop the execution of homosexuals and political oppositionists.



Equal rights for women and girls


Equal pay for equal work


Appropriately value household and child-rearing activities



Break the silence (#metoo)


separation of state and religion

Women must be represented proportionally everywhere


gender justice


Woman's right to self-determination




Solidarity with Iranian women against the forced veiling
human rights for all women



Stop the forced marriage of minors - Combat violence against women

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International Women in Power ist eine Initiative von:


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Hourvash Pourkian vor einem Banner mit dem Text: "Frauen stärken Frauen".