24.03.2021, Protest against TURKEY´s Withdrawal:


Turkey withdraws Istanbul Convention

 Erdogan-Regime keeps on fueling violence against women!


We as IWP harshly criticise Turkey´s recent withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention. We stand in solidarity along with all women living in Turkey. Women´s rights are human rights - we demand validity and implementation everywhere! 


Currently we notice across different places in Europe, that women rights are getting contested. But women rights are neither east or west, but universal.

On 24.03.2021 we came together and put this message across by demonstrating at Gänsemarkt.

Speech of Güler Akter Ulas, Bundesverband der Migrantinnen, on the occasion of the protest at Gänsemarkt, on 24.03.2021.


The withdrawal from Istanbul Convention gets condemned, at the same time the Migrantinnenverband is campaigning for the compliance of women´s rights.