Hamburg women's march 2017

The desire for equality is what unites women, refugess and migrants and for which we want to stand up together.


In times of emerging right-wing populism and xenophobia and misogyny, we want to set an example. It is our concern to unite people, no matter what culture or nationality they belong to. We want to mobilize people to build bridges and walk with one another. As different as we all may be, we have so much in common.


We want to encourage everyone not only to know the democratic values, but also to live them consciously and implement them in everyday life .

The  Hamburg women's and migrant march around the Inner Alster took place on Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 2 p.m.  on the Hamburg town hall market.

Afterwards, the Kulturbrücke and its co-organizers invited the participants of the march to a dialogue with the exhibitors on the Rathausmarkt and there was a diverse cultural program.


These artists performed on stage at the Rathausmarkt:


Hip Hop Academy Hamburg

Grazia - dance group from Bergedorf

Sophie Sy - singer

Strange but close - intercultural women's theater

Irina Gasoian  - singer from Armenia

Ayla Adigüzel - singer

Angelina Akpovo - singer

Indra Afia - singer

Toto Lightman and Bernada Doku with their

children's group, dance and song

Ali Hamze - DJ

Statement regarding the headscarf discussion

The Kulturbrücke e.V. distances itself from the discussion about the headscarf.

 Only the circumstances of the pressureand coercion under which some women put on the headscarf to be left alone or to be forced to do so were criticized. Wearing the headscarf as a voluntary sign of religious and cultural affiliation is the right and freedom of every adult woman.


Every woman, whether with a headscarf or not, and every man are cordially invited to stand with us for peace, freedom and democracy next Saturday.


The main concern of the Hamburg women's and migrants' march is and remains building bridges, exchanging ideas and celebrating cultural similarities.


The article in the Hamburger Abendblatt presented the headscarf discussion as the main concern of the demonstration. Ms Pourkian spoke about her personal views as an individual which does not necessarily reflect those of the clubs and fellow exhibitors. The issue of the headscarf is not relevant to the march and will not be discussed there.