Against all anti-semitism and the al-quds-day!


On May 7th, 2021 the political initiative International Women in power has demonstrated in front of the Blue Mosque at the Alster.


Al-Quds-day is the biggest antisemitic rally regularly takng place in many cities across Germany. Supporters of Al-Quds advocate for Israel´s eradication. Through these annual rallies they spread hostile attitudes, which are predominantly anit-Israel and anit-American, fueling hate and intolerance on a global scale.


Speeches to the demonstration

Here you can see some of the speeches given at the demonstration against Al-Quds-Day and all anti-Semitism.

Welcome and opening speech by Susanne Stamp-Sedlitzky and Hourvash Pourkian. The translation into Farsi was done by Mina Imangolizadeh.

Speech by Mr. Volker Beck, Lecturer at the Centre for Religious Studies at the Ruhr University Bochum

Speech by Ms. Dr. Necla Kelek, publicist and Chairperson of the Secular Islam Association Hamburg

Speech by Ms. Saba Farzan, German-Iranian publicist and Chairwoman of the Gendarmenmarkt chapter of the FDP Berlin

Speech by Mr. Steffan Hensel of the German-Israeli Society Hamburg and Anti-Semitism Commissioner Hamburg

Speech by Dr Fariborz Saremi, Political Scientist, Member of the State Committee for Foreign, Security and Development Policy CDU Hamburg

Complete list of all speakers

Mr. Dr. Fariborz Saremi
Ms. Saba Farzan
Ms. Dr. Necla Kelek
Mr. Dr. Kazem Moussavi
Mr. Ali Toprak
Mr .Steffan Hensel
Mr. Christoph de Vries
Ms. Ria Schröder

Ms. Laleh Arefi
Ms. Mina Imangolizadeh
Ms. Rebecca Schönenbach
Mr. Volker Beck
Young Forum German-Israeli Society
American Jewish Committee Berlin
Association of Jewish Students North

Greetings from Christoph de Vries (Member of the Bundestag / CDU).

Impressions of the protest


Photos by: Gildo Cassimo & Hamid Mohammady