"Iranian Human Rights Initiative" at the CSD

IWP women were together at the CSD!




The Iranian women from IWP have joined forces with other people from Iran who live in exile in Hamburg as


" Iranian Human Rights Initiative Hamburg ".


Together they demonstrated on Christopher Street Day on August 4th, 2018 in Hamburg against the execution of homosexuals in Iran.




There were also Turkish and Kurdish comrades-in-arms. The


" Turkish & Kurdish Human Rights Initiative" also demonstrated with a banner against homophobia and discrimination in Turkey .




With lots of posters, stickers and leaflets, it became a colorful demo in the middle of the CSD parade.


With so many participants and spectators, the parade was a complete success!




The message was also very well received, the demand against the Iranian regime made it into the MOPO, the local Newspaper!


The group also wanted to draw attention to further human rights violations and the repression in Iran.


The demands were:

  • Stop the execution of gays and political prisoners in Iran
  • Stop Sexual Abuse and Pedophilia in Iran
  • Stop Sharia Laws in Iran
  • Prohibition of the Islamic Center Hamburg IZH, which acts as a henchman for the Iranian regime in Hamburg
  • Separation of state and religion in Iran
  • Equal rights for all people, regardless of their sexuality, gender, religion and skin color
  • Freedom for the Iranian people!


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