„Free Gaza from Hamas - Free the Westbank from Abbas!“

On Saturday, June 05, 2021, Hamburg residents stood in solidarity with the Israeli people and also drew attention to the grievances and oppression of Palestinians on the part of Hamas and the Palestinian autonomous authorities.
The aim was to highlight peace movements, especially in the Palestinian territories, and at the same time to consistently oppose any form of anti-Semitism.


Supporting Associations:
Ulrike Becker, historian and Middle East expert
Sarah Rambatz from the Young Forum of the German-Israeli Society, spokesperson for the emancipatory Left.Shalom Hamburg
Ali Ertan Toprak, Chairman of the Kurdish Community in Germany
Hourvash Pourkian, board member of International women in Power, chairwoman of the board of Kulturbrücke Hamburg e. V.


Photos by: Armin Levy, Raaw Jüdisches Magazin