Iran-Conference 2019

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In 2019, the Iranian population can look back on 40 years of revolution and 10 years of the "green movement". In March 1979, 98 percent of the Iranians voted for the end of the Shah's rule, paving the way for an Islamic republic. Since then, all instances of the country have been controlled by a theocratic-authoritarian regime. Censorship and state repression can be felt everywhere. Creative artists and a strong student population nevertheless create free spaces for themselves to express their displeasure. Three quarters of Iranians are under 40 years of age. Young women publicly protest against the compulsory headscarf and accept state reprisals for doing so. This is how the "Green Movement" came into being in 2009, but failed because of the regime's suppression.But the recently tightened US sanctions hit the country hard. A collapse of the Iranian economy is not unlikely.


Where is this development going? Is a new protest movement forming - a movement of women? How long will the regime withstand internal and external pressures?


 Our speakers try toanswer these and other questions.



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We look back to 1979 and how life used to be in Iran.