Protest rally in front of the Islamic academy on 07.01.23

On Saturday, 07 January 2023 at 15:00 a protest rally was held in front of the Islamic Academy Hamburg, Heselstücken 6, 22453 Hamburg by "International Women in Power", led by Ms. Hourvash Pourkian, together with "Nasle Barandaz", led by Ms. Jasmin Maleki.

The Islamic Academy has a fundamentalist dependant in Germany (IAD), affiliated to the Islamic Center Hamburg (IZH), under the direction of Mohammad Hadi Mofatah. By the order of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, IAD was opened in a new building on October 15, 2017!

The Director of IAD in Iran, Ayatollah Alireza Aerafi, is a member of the Council of Experts of the Islamist Republic and has visited IZH and IAD in Germany at least twice in recent years. Most recently, he attended the mourning ceremony for the 33rd death anniversary of the founder of the Islamist Republic Rouhullah Khomeini at IZH in June 2022.

"Executions must be expedited and amputations are also effective!" say the clerics of the "Islamic Academy" in Qom, Iran, and in a statement called on the mullah judiciary to "expedite the execution of imprisoned protesters. Otherwise, amputating the hands and feet of protesters would also be very effective!".

On 07 January 2023, two young innocent men, Mohammad Hosseni and Mohammad Mehdi Karami were executed again. There are still some on the execution list.

Since leaving the Shura (the Islamic umbrella organization of Hamburg), the IZH has been carrying out its anti-Semitic as well as its inhuman work even more intensively in this academy. The goal of the IZH and the IAD is to advance the Islamic revolution, to promote Shiiteism and terrorism, and to eliminate opponents of the Islamic Republic throughout Europe.

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Our demands to the German Federal Government

- An immediate entry ban must be imposed on Ayatollah Alireza Aerafi, who previously also headed the international anti-Semitic Almustafa University in Qom.
- No more political cooperation with lobbyists as well as agents of the Iranian regime, such as with Adnan Tabatabai co-founder and managing director of the CARPO research center in Bonn, and the cessation of all official negotiations with the Islamic Republic.
- The closure of the Islamic Center and the Islamic Academy in
Hamburg, as long as this terror regime and oppressive state is in power
- The Islamic Revolutionary Guard must be declared by all Western democrats to be a
terrorist organization as the USA, Canada and Great Britain.
The Islamic Revolutionary Guard is the backbone of the repression against the
Iranian revolution and can circumvent sanctions due to its economic power.
Maximum pressure must be exerted here.
- Ban on deportations to Iran
- Increased protection measures for exiled Iranians by German security authorities
- The immediate release of all imprisoned women's and human rights
human rights activists

 JIN - Jiyan - Azadi

The Kurdish women have eliminated ISIS in 2015 with this manifesto.
The Iranian and Afghan women also want to destroy the Islamic regime in Iran and Taliban with it.

JIN means woman, it is about strong women who want to live a self-determined life and be equal.
Jiyan means life. Women want to live in freedom and participate in all social and professional participation, experience equal opportunities and come to power and leadership positions.
Azadi means freedom and it means everyone should fight for their freedom. It is about the struggle for freedom & human dignity.

Human dignity is inviolable. "Human rights are neither eastern nor western but universal". Have the Iranian women on the street chanted to the International Women's Day in March 1979. At that time they also demanded freedom and democracy.
But they were dropped by the Islamists at that time.