On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, a women's march was taking place across Germany in solidarity with Afghan, Kurdish and Iranian women against violations of women, girls and human rights and for democracy and freedom!

We showed solidarity with the oppressed women and children in Iran, in the Kurdish regions and in Afghanistan. We are against the oppressive patriarchal regimes that brutally beat and kill people.


Our association, the Kulturbrücke Hamburg e.V. with our initiative "International Women in Power" took over the organization of the women's march in Hamburg. We have formed an alliance nationwide: Together with organizations in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, we organized solidarity demonstrations for human rights, democracy and freedom on the International Human Rights Day, Saturday, December 10, 2022, and coordinated marches in other cities.

With the Women's March for Human Rights, we were sending a nationwide signal to the world!

In Iran, a young woman was murdered by the moral-police because her hair was not fully covered with a headscarf. The brutal death of Zhina Mahsa Amini was the last straw in Iran. For more than two months we have seen the people of Iran rebelling against the mullahs' dictatorship. Today we can speak of a feminist revolution made by women.

In Iran, the protests against the regime continue despite the most brutal violence.

The protesting Iranians are no longer willing to accept the mullahs' regime's oppression. Within the feminist revolution in Iran, an estimated 18,000 people have already been imprisoned and more than 600 people, including many children and young people, have been murdered, although it must be assumed that the number of unreported fatalities is far higher.

Starting at Dammtor, we marched through St. Georg to the Old Town, where we heard various speakers.


christopher street day 2021 - hamburg Bike Parade

Hamburg shone in colour!


We from the initiative International Women in Power and Junges Forum Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft (Jufodig-Hamburg) were present at the Hamburg CSD Parade 2021 on Saturday, 07 August, to set a sign: against the execution, discrimination and criminalisation of homosexuals in Iran and worldwide.

We accompanied the parade with a performance. We wanted to inform all participants and spectators about a political message, namely that people in Islamic countries have to fear for their lives just because they are homosexual or transsexual - in Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Yemen, Qatar, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and the United Arab Emirates. The performance was about beauty queens representing these countries.

We even met Peggy Parnass, the famous artist, in the picture below she can be seen next to Hourvash Pourkian, among others. It was a great pleasure for us.

Even though the CSD was a complete success, the road to legal, political and social equality is still long - which is why persecuted people worldwide need our support and solidarity.


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Hourvash Pourkian